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We want you to LOVE your personal space and enjoy being in it.

While everyone is staying safe at home, we are extending our eye for design into your homes (in a safe manner!). We can scour Craigslist ,OfferUp, and Overstock for that perfect piece for your room.  Rearrange and re-stylize your existing furniture and accessories.  Hit the big box stores for the best accents for your personal style and the season.  And so much more… 
Room Refresh
You’ve been stuck in your space for over half a year.  Three seasons.  Almost four. (Let that sink in…) It’s time to change it up and feel like you’ve been transported somewhere else.  Get out of your rut.
We’ll come into your home and determine what the biggest impact will be for your budget.  One room or an entire floor.  Whatever you’re game for.. we’re up for the challenge! [PHOTO FORTHCOMING]

Holiday Decor

The local home improvement stores already have Halloween on discount and Holiday decor is taking up more real estate than we’ve ever seen. With good reason. Most of us are going to be home for the holidays. Don’t lament it. LOVE it.

We’ll put together a vision board based on your style of preference, utilize items you may already have, shop for what you need to augment them, and install it all for you. (We’ll even come take it down and pack it away… in a timely manner unlike your neighbor who still has his Easter wreath on his front door. [PHOTO FORTHCOMING]

Home Office

#WFH is the new norm… and probably will be for a minute. We can create a work space that you will look forward to ‘clocking in’ at, will be productive in, and will make you hate COVID 19 a little less. We won’t, however, provide daycare services while you work in your new amazing space. We have kids of our own to entertain when we aren’t transforming environments. [PHOTO FORTHCOMING]