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About Us


With over 30 years in the live event industry, every member of our team has different areas of expertise and passion that fuel each other.

 With our army of industry colleagues, connections, and vast resources…we CRUSH it.



Whether you need our expertise to craft your event pre-event to post-event, someone to design your event marketing strategy, or an extra set of hands on-site… we can be all in or just dip our toe in.  We scale our services to your needs.


Geography does not limit our boundaries.  We work in our own neighborhood, across the nation, and the globe.

In other words… we have no boundaries.



From full scale ideation to a fresh set of eyes and ideas on a current project, creative is what gets us going in the morning.  (… and coffee). We can count dinner plates and parking spaces in our sleep. We do what we do because we love change, thrive on challenge, and live to create something unique every day.


  • Theme development
  • Logo design and branding
  • Decor design
  • Floor plan development
  • Signage and on-site branding design
  • Entertainment sourcing/ talent management
  • Menu development
  • Client proposal support
  • Expo environment design
  • Meeting and breakout session format ideation



We keep our finger on the pulse to make you look phenomenal.  Our fresh insight, key learnings from years of experience, and strategic processes make up the magic that delivers authentic events that leave a lasting impression.  We look at every event holistically as a complete story that begins before anyone steps foot on-site and continues after they arrive home.


  • Comprehensive event analysis
  • KPI goal setting
  • ROI measurement
  • Sponsorship design and fulfillment
  • Live event fundraising
  • Site visits
  • AV sourcing and planning
  • Venue sourcing
  • Hotel and vendor contract negotiation
  • Room block management
  • Registration website buildout and management
  • Show flow design
  • Speaker sourcing and management
  • Comprehensive budget management
  • Event marketing strategy design and execution
  • Social content design and execution
  • Engagement integration



Get er’ done… and then some.  This is all of the (sometimes not so fun) stuff that can ultimately make or break an event.  We want to make it. And make it excellent.


  • Permit processing
  • Production schedule creation and management
  • Venue and supplier management
  • Scope and manage on-site staff
  • Oversee load-in and load out
  • Power planning
  • Shipping and freight facilitation

Jill and Jack of all trades



  • fairs and festivals
  • fundraisers
  • galas
  • concerts



  • milestone celebrations
  • weddings
  • exclusive dinners
  • destination experiences
  • holiday celebrations



  • annual meetings
  • incentive trips
  • product launches
  • promotional tours
  • brand awareness activations
  • board meetings
  • exclusive dining experiences
  • sales missions
  • grand openings
  • milestone anniversaries
  • VIP client hospitality

Don’t see your specific need listed here?

That doesn’t mean we haven’t, can’t, or won’t do it! Just means we couldn’t list ALL of the tricks up our sleeve on one page.

Get in Touch

Want to collaborate? Have questions? Ready to receive a custom proposal?
Write us at hello@soprico.com or give us a ring at (888) 332-5133